In this day and age, the cost of living is continually rising and so is everyone’s gas bill. Everyone is looking for smart ways to save money and we can help you save money on your gas bill while not hindering your current quality of life.

There are some simple habits that can be modified to effectively reduce the price of your energy bill. For example, optimising the way you use your home heating and cooling systems. To build on this, here are the six most effective ways to reduce your gas bill.

Through these strategic methods, you can save a large sum of money on your gas bill.

1. Reduce hot water usage and switch to a more optimal hot water system

The more hot water you use, the more you use your household gas system and ultimately pay a higher price than necessary. As enjoyable as a nice hot bath or 10 minute plus shower is, make it a shorter 5 minute shower. You can also have a low-flow showerhead installed by a thermostatic mixing valve plumber at The Clean Plumber to optimise the amount of hot water and gas you use.

Heating water is another big factor for your home energy use. Similarly to having your home insulated, purchasing an instantaneous hot water system is not cheap but in the long run, you’ll end up saving money. Our expert team can provide you with a gas hot water installation but if this isn’t a viable option, you can check to see if your storage tanks and pipes are insulated. Having your tanks and pipes well-insulated will slash the amount of energy used in keeping your water at the right temperature.

A hot water plumber inspecting a hot water system

2. Strategically heat up and cool down your home

Heating and cooling are two of the biggest factors when it comes to a gas bill surge for average Australian households. To reduce the amount of gas your home uses, ensure that you only heat up or cool down the areas of the house you mostly use. Additionally, close the doors to the rooms that aren’t using your heating or air conditioning systems. Another helpful tip to not experience such a high gas bill is to not use these systems when going to sleep or when you’re not home.

To further combat the ever increasing gas bill, resist the urge to turn on the air conditioning on a hot summer day and on the other side of the spectrum, resist the temptation to turn on your home’s heating system. Find alternative measures to cool down or heat up, whether that involves opening windows and increasing the air circulation around your home on a warm day, or putting on an extra layer of clothing during the colder months of the year. Breaking the simple habits of turning on the air-con or the fireplace is a great way to save money on your gas bill.


3. Adjust your thermostat and keep your home insulated

Adjusting your thermostat by either 1°C higher for heating and lower for cooling adds at least 10% to your energy usage. So to save money on gas, you can manually adjust your current thermostat or one of our professional plumbers can install a programmable thermostat for you.

On the insulation side of things, the less heat you need for your home, the less gas you’ll use. That’s why a great money saving tool is to invest in better insulation for your home. Yes you’ll pay more money initially, but over time you will end up saving money thanks to your properly insulated home. To have your home properly insulated means that during the warmer months of the year, your home will be cooler and on the flipside, when it’s colder your home will be warmer. 


4. Replace your energy consuming appliances and use them wisely

Appliance manufacturers are constantly working to improve the overall energy efficiency of their appliances, which is why updating your dishwasher, washing machine or dryer is a great way to save money on your energy bills. Hot tip, if any of these machines are over 5 years old, you could be spending extra money due to its inefficiency, so it’s time to invest in brand new appliances. In replacing your appliances, look at the energy rating as well as  any eco-friendly features, for example if a new washing machine has an eco-wash feature.

In terms of other appliances around the house, you can optimise the amount of gas and energy you use when using your oven. One example is that preheating the oven prior to cooking your meal is not always necessary. You can also save a bit of extra money by not opening the stove  during the cooking process unless absolutely necessary. The more heat that escapes, the more you’ll spend on your gas bill. Use your appliances wisely and if you would like to learn more about how to efficiently use gas in and around your home, you can speak to any of our expert gas plumbers.

A hot water plumber installing a hot water hose and valve a sink

5. Make a sustainable switch by going solar

Switching to solar energy can be a big change, but it can also make a big difference on your overall gas bill. Making this sustainable energy switch will substantially decrease the amount you’re paying. If you have some concerns about switching to solar energy, like the number of people in your home and if you’ll run out of hot water, no need to worry as a system with a gas booster can be installed which will heat water overnight.

6. Compare energy plans

Energy comparison tools are mostly free-to-use and can help you save extra on your energy bills. One service that provides this comparison tool is Selectra. It’s completely free-to-use and can help you save on all your utility bills! On their website you can view a wide range of energy plans and check to see if your current plan is the most suitable one for you, considering efficiency and value for money.

These conventional methods will help you save as much money as possible on your gas and energy bills. It will also help to make your gas usage as efficient and effective as possible. Each of these money saving tips that have been highlighted are costly to start off with, but over time each of these methods will prove their worth in helping you save on your gas bill. Spend more now to save more in the long run. You won’t regret it!

If you need the assistance of our expert plumber services when it comes to saving on your gas bill, whether you need a new thermostat or a brand new hot water system installed, get in touch with your local plumbing specialists and your most trusted plumbing company since 1990.

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