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One of the biggest issues we face in homes around Sydney are blocked drains. The Clean Plumber is equipped with all the equipment necessary to fix your drain issues efficiently and affordably.

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    How do you know when your drains are blocked?

    • Gurgling sounds coming from your drains
    • Unable to flush your toilets properly or at all
    • Water coming back out of your sewer or drains
    • Unpleasant smells coming from your drains

    If you’re experiencing any of these issues, please give The Clean Plumber a call and we’ll assess the work required to clear your drains and provide you with scope of work and quote.

    We use CCTV cameras to locate where the blockage is and our high pressure water jetter will unblock your drains fast and efficiently.

    Depending on the cause of blocked drain, we’re able to offer a long term solution to fixing your drains.

    For the best plumbing service in the Hills District and greater Sydney area, look no further than the team at The Clean Plumber!

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    What Equipment Do We Use?

    Depending on the type of blockage, it might only require a plunge. For severely blocked drains, we use a high pressure water jetter and CCTV camera to locate the cause of the blockage.

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    Blocked Toilet?

    One of the most inconvenient plumbing problems you could face. This occurs when foreign objects are flushed down your toilet or there is a build up of hair, sanitary products or “flushable” wipes.

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    Sewer Blockages
    A common plumbing problem amongst homes in the Hills Area. Sewers can become blocked due to a number of reasons including tree roots getting in the pipes. We’ll diagnose the problem and have your home plumbing fixed in no time!

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    Blocked Kitchen Sinks

    Just like a blocked toilet, kitchen drains can also easily become blocked due to food waste or an oil/grease build up. We can easily unblock your kitchen sink and provide options to prevent these issues in the future. 

    Icon displaying regular drain maintenance which our blocked drain plumbing team are well-trained to do

    Regular Drain Maintenance
    We offer regular preventative maintenance for all our clients in the Hills area. If you have just had your drain unblocked, it’s best to book in a 6 monthly drain clear to prevent any last minute surprises. 


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    CCTV Camera Solution

    We take all the guesswork out of what’s causing your blocked drain issues by using our CCTV drain camera to locate the blockage.


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    Water Jetting Drains

    Water jetting is the most effective way to clear your blockages as fast as possible. Our trucks are all equipped with jetters to ensure there is no downtime in getting your home plumbing fixed as soon as possible. 

    Remember, if we’re late – you don’t pay!

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    We’ve been in business for over 30 years and have seen it all when it comes to drain plumbing. Calling The Clean Plumber means you will be met with an experienced plumber who has cleared thousands of drains and wont waste time trying to pinpoint the issue.

    Our 5 star reviews speak for themselves as we pride ourselves on offering the best possible customer service experience when it comes to plumbing as well as quality workmanship backed by years of industry experience.

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